9 people

Ten minutes

True stories

Everybody has a story. Ordinary stories, extraordinary stories, stories that delight, entertain, educate, stories that make you laugh, think, hope and cry. Stories are the raw material from which we live our lives. 

Tenx9 began its life in Belfast, where Paul and Pádraig host a monthly storytelling event, each with a different theme, where 9 people have up to ten minutes to tell a true story about their lives. 

Here in Melbourne, Tenx9 is hosted by Carlynne and Cheryl - and the good folk at Buck Mulligan's Whiskey Bar.

Whether you're a listener or a teller, everybody has a story. We hope to see you there. 


In Defense-3.jpg

In My Defence

Do you need to tell someone finally, the reason you did that thing? Or the reason you wore that hat? Or smuggled that exotic animal? Now is your chance. We want to hear you explain yourself.

Come along to the next Tenx9 in Northcote for stories that will try to convince us it’s not really their fault.

To tell us a story email us on tenx9melbourne@gmail.com or find us on Facebook by searching Tenx9 Melbourne.


Nine people

Ten minutes each

True stories

Be there.

The nights that were:


Nobody Told Me

What an extraordinary night.

Stories were shared, laughs were exchanged, tears were shed. We heard tales of travel horrors that turned into a life well travelled, of the long and rocky passage back to hope, of languages learnt and the things we never knew about family, about a horse-riding camp with the best intentions, and the life you live when you nearly lose it. It was magic. Thank you once again to all who shared, and to all who listened joyfully, profoundly and with deep respect. We love you all




Dogs, cats, bunnies, some fish, a pet cemetery, and very lucky chihuahua: we heard stories of man and woman’s best friends and all the associated madness, joy, and heart that comes along with them.



What a night. Stories of love, courage, loss, hope, humour, and not quite being a mum.

We continue to be thankful to all our attendees and tellers for making Tenx9 Melbourne the truly divine event it is. xx


Wish you were here…

March’s Tenx9 is fast approaching, and we’d love to see you there!

Our theme is “Wish you were here”, and as usual we’d love to hear from you if you want to tell a story.

Also present will be the utterly delightful Buck Mulligan’s staff serving utterly delightful whiskey, and the best audience in Melbourne. It’s always a great time, make sure you don’t miss it.

Shoot us an email on tenx9melbourne@gmail.com or message us at Facebook if you have questions or would like to participate. See you there! xx

Past Events:

Starting Over

What a fantastic night.

Stories of families starting over, of new stages of life, of patterns repeating, new lives and new pets, the attempts we make to give ourselves space to live well, new love, and old habits.

We were also joined by two very special guests, all the way from Belfast. Thanks all who came, told a story and listened with generosity.



Gift, our last event of the year, was truly a beautiful evening. We gathered and heard:

Stories about the gift of home, and those who make it, the unexpected gifts we don’t see coming, the gift of the ability to speak for yourself, family, light and love, suggestions for gifts that don’t quite cut it, and an honest to God pregnancy announcement. What a night.

Cheryl and I are so honoured every month to be a part of such a wonderful, generous, truly beautiful display of the best parts of what it means to be human. We thank you all, and will see you in February.




A wonderful evening of stories large and small…

We heard about escaped reptiles,

escapes into fantasy

an incredible story of escape from Poland

the escapes you look for in childhood

an escape from a potential axe-murderer and plenty more.

Thanks to our audience for being continually wonderful and our storytellers for being brave, honest and generous.



What an extraordinary night this was. We were offered so much vulnerability, insight, honesty and humour.

We wondered together what makes a home…

We went home to say goodbye…

We learnt how to live in a tent…

We discovered that home is where you can be your most broken self…

We learnt that the things we used to hate about home might become the things we love as we grow older…

As ever, thank you to our beautiful storytellers, who we couldn’t do this without. You were all stars. And thank you to our audience, who are consistently encouraging, supportive and engaged. Love you all, see you next month.

Fancy Final.jpg


A lovely, soothing and very fancy night was had by all, pearls were worn, (faux) fur was donned, and stories of matching outfits, truly fancy suits, reassessing the meaning of fancy, the horrors of trying (and failing) to impress boys, breakups, and a nightmare night in the ghetto of Toorak were told. Thanks once again to all who participated and attended, we love you all from the bottom of our bargain bin fake jewelled hearts. xx


The Longest Night

What a fantastic evening. We heard stories including

A long but very well administrated birth

A slightly complicated hog hunt

The accidental early ringing in of the millennium

The beauty still found in a long death regretted

and the mental gymnastics of how to confront a home intruder... who isn't there at all.

Thanks to all of you for making it a night that wasn't long enough, really. xx



Nine storytellers told us about being sorry- sorry for choices made, for bad manners, sorries in emails and sorries to classes full of students.

It was a rad night, we are not sorry about it. Thanks to all who came and especially to all who shared with us!


Happy Birthday to us...

Our first anniversary event, What Friends Are For, was a roaring success. We heard stories of friends lost and of friends found, we asked what makes a friend, we remembered the people who are there in good times and dramas.

Thank you to all who came, and who've been a part of Tenx9 Melbourne over the past year. It's been such an incredible gift to Cheryl and I, and we're so excited to head into our second year with you, our intrepid storytellers and the best audience in Melbourne. Go you good things. xx


April Tenx9 - how it went down.

Oh we had such a cracker of a night in April, with nine spectacular stories that would make our parents horrified, bemused, embarrassed and unamused.

What's said at Tenx9 stays at Tenx9, of course, so without naming details, we are so grateful

... to Cheryl's parents for never, to this day, mentioning her nationally televised public display of affection.

... to Evan for his story about boarding houses and bed slats, and the heartbreaking truth of being 16.

... to Ann for bringing us a suspenseful true crime and true courage story, starring herself (and Sandy the Wonder Palomino).

... to Talitha for having daydreams (and living a life) that a mother could not help but love.

... to Susannah for a story of determination, resilience and inspiring resourcefulness.

... to Carlynne for being honest about her response to a Tony Abbott victory.

... to Paula for golden coloured memories of Monaros, mulberry trees, bell-bottoms, and being loved.

... to Laura for her description of the highest Happy Meal ever.

... and to Joseph for an hilarious true confession about a long standing false confession


Our first time - the wrap.

There is nothing more beautiful than the truth of a story. 'The first time' was a beautiful celebration of humankind. We were so grateful to those who came to listen, and to those who spun wonder with their words:

Thanks to Rod, who told us about the first time he jumped out of a plane, and into a story of faith.

Thanks to the first Michelle, who told us about the first time she baited the hook, and came home with the fish.

Thanks to Susan, who told us about the first time she changed her name, and resolved to not give in to the bullies.

Thanks to the second Michelle, who told us about the first time she dropped the rope, and then could hold onto herself.

Thanks to Sarah, who told us about the first time her husband got shot, and recovered to say 'fuck you' to the muggers.

Thanks to Jude, who told us about the first time she went overseas, and was found by grace in the gutter.

Thanks to Laura, who told us about the first time she met her father, and how she then owned her own life.

Thanks to David, who told us about the first time he went to work, and catapulted crusted button mushrooms between the breasts of a female customer.

Thanks to Emily, who told us the first time she got her period, and learnt not to wear cream shorts.

And thanks to Ann, who told us about the first time she ran a marathon. In doing so, I feel like we all ran the race with her, which now means none of us need to do it for ourselves.

We are so grateful. See you next month.

Ann tells the story of the first time she ran a marathon.